Integrated Solutions for the management of personal development processes

Bespoke learning content in various formats

Easy content creation

Comply with legal obligations

User guidance through business processes and software landscapes

Ready-to-go e-learning on standard topics

Free of charge online courses

Discover the diversity of logistics with eVideo 2.0

KES-group shows how video-based learning games can be cleverly used

IMC to launch interactive ‘Compliance Essentials’ package at Learning Technologies

New compliance e-learning courses to help organisations meet regulatory demands

Learning based on Continuity: open, social and convenient, even in complex business environments

With Innovation Pack 4, IMC increases integration and continuity in e-learning

These geography lessons are anything but boring!

A serious game by IMC shows how engaging scientific research can be

Recording: "E-learning in Today's Organisations"

Tips and tricks on effectively implementing e-learning in your organisation.

Webinar "Game-based learning — playing games in work hours"

March 4th, 2015, 11.00 - 12.00 AM (CET)


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